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About the Comic, Artist, and Inspiration

Name: Michael/ Mikal

Occupation: God's general, protector of the righteousness/Archangel

Gender: Male

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Blonde (And CURLY >.<)

Age: Oldest angel (looks in his mid-twenties)

Talents: Melee combat and being a leader (a.k.a being bossy).

Likes: Being the 'Big Cheese' of the angels, Heaven, God, his sword, enjoying the sun rise and set, having a good fight with a demon or fallen angel (where he wins no duh), and the feeling of rain on his face.

Dislikes: The pressure of leading the angels, Lucifer, Hell, sometime Gabriel for being such an annoying cry baby and for being the only one to object against lots of his actions, and the lost feeling he feels sometimes when Lucifer is mentioned.

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