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About the Comic, Artist, and Inspiration

Name: Sonia 'Sony' Siccomore (got 'Sony' from Theo being unable to pronouce 'Sonia' when they were younger)

Occupation: Student

Gender: Female

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde (she streaked her hair with black)

Age: 16.5

Talents: Skateboarding and... ur... coming up with crazy pranks.

Likes: Skateboarding, Theo, dressing like a guy, making fun of teachers, getting detention, being a trouble-maker, Scallywag, showing-off, acting stupid, and shoving her face in pastries (seriously, who doesn't love doing that? ;D).

Dislikes: Wearing a helmet, Mrs. Smiley, losing, her mom's boyfriends, report card day, and the color pink.

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