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About the Comic, Artist, and Inspiration

Name: Theodore Thornburg (Theo for short)

Occupation: Student

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blue (not really, he dyed his hair from black to blue)

Age: 17

Talents: Rollar Blading (not good enough for serious competition) and singing (sounds like the lead singer of Cauterize)

Likes: Hot chicks, Sony, taking pictures, rollerblading, fireworks (he likes sticking them in odd places to see what happens, he has a scar on his left calf from attaching a fireworks to his shoes), the color pink, dancing/parties, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, biting his nails, Blink 182, sleeping, eating, and watching TV.

Dislikes: Teachers, grades, camping/fishing, crying (especially in front of Sony), his heart disorder, mosquitoes, and anything else with more than four legs.

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