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Contest: Theo Week!


WINNER: Becky Robb

Basically, all you have to do for this contest is go vote for Dealing with the Devil on Buzz Comics (the icon under the updates with the pic of Diablo on it). You'll see a picture of Theo after you vote. Take a look at the picture and put a sentence or less of dialogue for it. You don't need to copy the pic and paste the dialogue on it, all you need to do is email your dialogues for 1 through 7 of the pics of Theo to me. A different one is put up everyday with seven altogether.

Here's the first picture and an example.

Email to Dream Catcher:

1: "..." that was a bad example but you should at least be getting the idea. Another example would be if there's a pic of Theo looking horny (there isn't one ^_~) then you could say, "Yeah baby, BRING IT!" (hahaha, a bad example again *SIGH*) Basically, get as creative as possible but not so off the wall that it doesn't match the picture.

The winner will be the first person to email me with all seven dialogues, BUT they have to make since and be creative. So if I don't like the first email then I'll just skip to the second one. It sounds kind of hard but it really isn't, I'm easily ammused. ^_^


Yes, for all contests there must be rules.

1. No cheating (ie. somehow hacking into the directory and seeing all the pics)

2. No copying what the pics are saved as for the dialogue your making up for it. (ie. 1blank1.jpg is the name while the dialogue you make up is, "..." -->hahaha, I did that above -_-')


After a winner is chosen, they will be contacted through email and then asked for their mailing address for the prize.

The winner will recieve the original line art of all the Theo's and they get to request a Theo picture of Theo doing whatever they want (ahem, nothing over PG-15, for example, the butt-crack is the limit) and ONLY Theo with a background (no additional characters). They won't receive the line art for this but will get a high-quality print out. Yippee! The picture drawn and colored will also be posted in the gallery (sorry bud, you don't have full possesion of the piece) and credit will be given to the winner.

And that's about it. The deadline is March 17th (my birthday!) though it will end as soon as the winner is chosen (the first to send all 7 that make sense).

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