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10/5/10: Did I say I'd have the site up and running by the end of August? I really meant December. Really.

Actually, I got sidetracked with EMPLOYMENT. Thank GOD I have an income. It's part time so it should theoretically give me enough time to be working on this comic everyday... *cough* Ahem, well, I'm getting back on track now. I've made a promise to myself that I won't work full time until I get the site running, and if I don't work full time, then I can't afford to move out of my parents' house... talk about incentive.

I'll be putting up a meter at some point showing my progress, but if you're curious what the agenda is, it's as follows:

1. Bust out the outline.

2. Bust out the script.

3. Bust a move.

4. Create character designs and concept art.

5. Learn Flash (or HTML 5--yeesh)

6. Birth the new site.

7. Move out of the parentals' house.

8. Update weekly till infinity and beyond.

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